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the original energy-drink

Not everybody likes sparky, delicious water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Probably because our taste buds are so used to sugar and artificial flavours that they simply can't handle the sourness of a sun-kissed lemon.But the citrus-fruit is more than just a fundamental part of Tequila. While I was at ...


Sit-Ups Monday

Never skip Monday . is a mantra I tell myself - even if the workout is short or not so good/successful - any workout gives the energy for the entire working week. This Monday sucked, everything sort of went wrong  - in the evening i was so frustrated and not motivated but I knew, i would feel ...


Butt & Tights-Quickie

Today has been the official "hottest day of the year" here in Austria. It was so hot in the morning, when I finally pulled myself together for a gym session it was already 11:30 - that meant that I walked home in the wirst timing of the day (midday heat) Afterwards, to cool down,  I went to the ...


healthy tan booster

  I guess everybody knows that really beautiful pattern a sports-bra makes on your back after working out, or doing yoga in the sunshine. It comes creeping really slowly but by at least June when you put on bikini the modern-art piece reveals its self. But no need to run and buy selftanning ...



  A big heatwave and really hot temperatures are controlling Linz and the suburbs - it's really difficult to squeeze in a workout - yet I managed to do my leg workout somehow. It was really difficult, but you can do this shortie with ...


Flat Tummy Workout

So my workout diary starts today ! Today I felt a little bloated - I decided to do a workout for my tummy and abs to reduce the bloat. I still have problems with mountain climbers - same as with planks (my arms feel a little weak) - so i take breaks in-between. - i can't do the 18reps at ...


Hello World! It’s Raphaela

me, doinga casual tree-pose with my tree-friends.     Why does somebody want to be „fit“? The main question is why not! And how do you define being fit? ( And whos definition are we currently believing in? ) You see and hear it on every corner, how healthy sport is and all the ...