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sore muscles

Sore Muscles for Beginners

If I had to choose between having a hangover once a week for the rest of my life and having sore muscles once a week for the rest ...


Weightloss Journey N°1 What motivates me?

  I know! That seems to be an easy question! Because I want to feel prettier, lighter, more attractive or,I want to be more ...


Raphaela’s GoodBalance Energybracelets Review

Hello lovely people! Today I am sharing my thoughts on GoodBalance, which is a swedish company that specializes on energetic ...


30 days of Yoga with Adriene Week 1

  So, where am I on my Yoga Journey? Still very much at the beginning. I always did a little bit of Yoga here and there, to help me with muscle stiffness or to "get some moving done" But after a while I realized, Yoga is a thing that is so much more than just moving a bit. And the first time ...


Beginner Arms Workout

My arms have pretty much always been stick-thin - and unfortunately also very weak. I am still having problems with some exercises involving arm strength - for example push-ups- I manage to do ONE and I have been training for 5 months now. It may not seem impressive, but it is already success for ...


milk & honey beauty bath

Well, I'm not the biggest fan of bathing in  pure milk and honey when the population of my kingdom is starving to death and are busy building pyramids and such. But luckily, I don't have that much responsibility. And I don't fill up the whole fucking tub with pure cow-juice.   Imagine after ...

Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphtech

I've always had - sort of "flabby"  calves  - they looked and felt different from their general size and volume - compared to others - and it's been like this since my childhood. This was something that did bother me - until I was trying on some - tight and tall boots for a hostess job (serving ...