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My try on Tabata Week1

About 2 weeks ago, I received a request from Emma, founder of Affirmation Fitness to try one of her TABATA workouts from her e-books - i have heard of Tabata before, but never tried it. This is the workout she gave me to try:   2o Seconds of exercise does not sound like much, I thought. Oh, how wrong I ...


Sit-Ups Monday

Never skip Monday . is a mantra I tell myself - even if the workout is short or not so good/successful - any workout gives the energy for the entire working week. This Monday sucked, everything sort of went wrong  - in the evening i was so frustrated and not motivated but I knew, i would feel better if I just pull ...


Butt & Tights-Quickie

Today has been the official "hottest day of the year" here in Austria. It was so hot in the morning, when I finally pulled myself together for a gym session it was already 11:30 - that meant that I walked home in the wirst timing of the day (midday heat) Afterwards, to cool down,  I went to the public swimming pools ...



  A big heatwave and really hot temperatures are controlling Linz and the suburbs - it's really difficult to squeeze in a workout - yet I managed to do my leg workout somehow. It was really difficult, but you can do this shortie with ...


Flat Tummy Workout

So my workout diary starts today ! Today I felt a little bloated - I decided to do a workout for my tummy and abs to reduce the bloat. I still have problems with mountain climbers - same as with planks (my arms feel a little weak) - so i take breaks in-between. - i can't do the 18reps at ...