How to never get a sixpack

Your’e doing your exercises regularly, but you don’t like the to have a body that shows it – especially the 6 muscles that hold your belly -sometimes calles sixpack- i have compiled a simple list and helpful tips to protect you from this awful destiny.

1. Pro-Tipp: Alcohol

A little drink, once a week, is enough to make my abs disappear for a long while. Alcohol especially likes to gets stuck on your belly. Goodbye Sixpack, hello social life.

klein_kaboompics.com_Glasses of Rose Wine

2. Pastries are your friends.

One piece of (wheat flour) pastry and loads of (industrial) trans fats  (Bonjour Croissant!) – makes sure that you ruin your bare-midriff style photoshoot with a heavy bloat. One will never guess that your’e into fitness or ever had muscles – yey!


3. Carbonated/soda drinks

A soda drink goes perfectly with your piece of pastry – the drink doesn’t even have to contain additional sugar. Enough carbonic acids will fill up of your belly region like a big gas ballon.

kaboompics.com_Girl holding a cola can

4. Lose the Protein

If you want to turn your hard earned muscles back into fat , you should avoid all protein (animal and plant protein ) – watch your muscles shrink in no time.


All these tips were tested and approved by me, Monika – I too enjoyed life and ate/drank whatever I wanted – and that’s what I still do sporadically.

Most of the time, I do not care about the shape of my mid-riff/belly section – however, when I prepare for belly /workout photos, I try to stay away from all these things – so my hard work is being visible – so far it works.



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