Sore Muscles for Beginners


If I had to choose between having a hangover once a week for the rest of my life and having sore muscles once a week for the rest of my life, I would definetly go with the sore muscles.
Both of those conditions are something that arises by doing things I love. Partying and Yoga. (I know…)

But both of the above not very good for your body. The phenomenon of sore muscles is actually caused by tiny fractures in your muscle tissue. For instance when you are like me, very eager to train your thighs and you overdoe it, due to the euphorism of the thought of fitting into skinny jeans again. So the last two days I walked a bit like a duck.

A lot of people say that if it aches, you workout “works”. But quite the contrary seems to be the case, if you ask a physician. Since it’s tiny fractures in your muscle that create the ache and not lacti acid, which was the common believe for a long time,  its like cutting your skin a bit and is thus an actual injury.
This answers the question of whether or not it helps to do the exercise in the same intensity again the next day.
I recently learned that it’s actually bad for our body to ignore sore muscles and just go on as usual.

So what did help me along my early journey of working out?

♦  The first tip is to listen to your body. It is okay feel a bit of pain, heat and some shivering when you use a group of muscles in particular, its okay and also benefits the training. (I learnt that while doing Yoga)
Of course if somebody says to me “This is enough, you can’t take more.” I go, “YOU DON’T KNOW ME!”
So I guess after one or two sore muscle you will get the grip of when your body has had enough.
Same goes for stretching!

♦  If you are like me and have a hard time finding the happy medium and you already have sore sore muscles_3muscles, I can highly recommend using Chin Min Balm. (My cousin is a masseur in a skiing resort. She gave me the brilliant tip!) Rub it in circular movements on the hurting muscles (don’t press too hard!) It contains a lot of atheric oils an chinese mint oil. It’ very refreshing, feels very cooling and induces your blood circulation. Its really a blessing. There is also a Chin Min Sport Spray that you can use while training. Easier to apply, cooling and refreshing!



Hot baths! It’s a bit hard to take a hot bath when there is 35 degrees outarnica_sore_muscles_4side. But it relaxes your muscles and you don’t have to do a full body bath or stay in there for longer than 15 minutes.  For double effect you can get a bath supplement with Mountain Arnica in it (Arnica is also called leopard’s bane or mountain tabacco)
I like to use the Arnica Bath from Kneipp. It’s warming and reactivating. I swear, I love it.



♦  But hold on! If I am injured, does that mean I can’t do any further workout the next two days?
Well, you should give the affected muscle areas a little break until the feel better. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay in bed. Instead of jogging you can also go for nice walks. If you don’t have a dog to go for walkies maybe you can borrow the neighbours doggie. This way it’s more fun for both of you.

♦  Another way you can still get to do some workout if everything else is too painful is swimming. I noticed the last two days that the cold water and the movement is really releaving. This way you can also get some cardio without the distress of the gravitational force that keeps us all sticking to the surface of the earth.

Those are my little secrets. If you have a sore muscle secret aswell, share it with us!


            Lots of Love,




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