My Post-Workout Regime with MyProtein


A lot of women don’t like the idea of supplements – e.g Proteinshakes and snacks. I can understand that there is an overwhelming range of products to pick from and you probably heard from a somebody’s neighbors friend that it makes women gain weight and transforms you into the Hulk.

That is -of course – so wrong –  gaining muscle is hard work and not something you can buy  –  most women like me  maybe only realize this when they  start weight training.

I’ve started bodyweight training since February and I am lifting weights for about 2 months now. Because of that I combine my training with Post- and a Pre-Workout-Supplements.

Why do I take them?

  • i’ve got more power and strength during my workouts
  • I am seeing quicker results and gains ( especially in the abs and arms)

I have very little time to prepare. My solution:

– Pre-Workout:

  • my Workout-Booster is a strong coffee with little soy milk and a glass of water with L-Carnithin.

– Post-Workout:

  • a small protein bar on the way home from the gym, a protein shake (favourites are: cookies and cream, or strawberry cream).
  • In case I have more time then usual, I like to prepare protein-pancakes with plain greek yoghurt.


What I like about  MyProtein:

– very good taste (the l-Carnithin powder is something I got used to)

– lots of different flavors

– simple, basic designs

My favorites at the moment:




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