Raphaela’s GoodBalance Energybracelets Review


Hello lovely people!

Today I am sharing my thoughts on GoodBalance, which is a swedish company that specializes on energetic jewelry.
You probably heard about energy jewelry, since it’s very popularright now.

Some days ago a parcel from GoodBalance arrived at our daydreamfit office :)

To give you a good overview, I picked 1 bracelet from each of their 3 collections.
There are the Shamballa Bracelets with style, Active Bracelets for sports and Casual Bracelets that are more for everyday life.  I find the design of all 3 very appealing. Within their collections are also different styles and colors available. It’s basically impossable to not find the right one for your taste.

So, what is this Magic all about?

_FA1eoaWTp67Ozj5nll7s0KPb3xgjhA_IImOgT5fe9QI found on the GoodBalance homepage a text that talks about some interesting research findings. Scientist found out that it is crucial for your body’s cells to be in  a neutral state.  In our modern life we are surrounded by gadgets that radiate positive charged Ions.
So if you spend your day, like most of us, in a room full of computers, mobile phones and other devices, chances are high that your state is not neutral, but too positivly charged.

The magnets in the good balance bracelets are negativly charged to help you neutrolize.
An unbalanced charging can therefore lead to fatigue, headache,  concentration issues and a general un-wellness.
You can read more about that here

The bracelets arrived in a really nice packaging, without any chances for them to get damaged on the way.

You can choose between sices, Small, Medium and Large on the Active Bracelets. The other two are very easy to adapt to your wrist.

I chose : Active all black, Casual London Gold, Shamballa Black/Black +

oFZalrYIIg269iV865heTK3s5mckd1J0FDJq3dJrJjcHere I’m wearing Shamballa and Active

I have been wearing the bracelets for some days now and have to say they feel really good on the skin. Especially the Active Bracelet is made of a rubbery, very soft, matte texture.
The overall quality is really good and looks very high class.





Here is a close up of my friend Buddha wearing them. Because nobody is more balanced than him


I think it is a bit to early to talk about results on my general health. But I will keep you updated, of course. For that you can also check on our Instagram.


For you, dear friend, GoodBalance enabled us to offer you a special gift!
If you want to try their prducts aswell you can  use the code  “daydreamfit” to get 10% off your order!


For further information you can check out their homepage, Instagram or Facebook!


Let us now if you are as happy as we are!


With lots of love,


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