My body at 20 years vs. 25 years

Only a few days are left until my 25-year old self turns 26.
As you get older you notice that not only your mind and expectations change – your body and fitness level do too.
Some changes are bigger than others, and today I’ve compiled a list of things that changes about MY body – being 25 now and looking back at being 20.

I just had turned 21 here.


– my weight: it seems that every year I gain about 0,5 kg. 5 years ago my weight was 55 kg

– do the math 😉

– my cellulite: practically not existing one year ago, it keeps creeping through at the back of my thights and sitting on it like a leech – and now even moving to the front. Does this have to do with my diet?I changed my diet about 2 years ago, when I reached my highest weight ( 63 kg) and from then I decided to eat better – cleaner.  In my opinion, it has to do with being in my mid-twenties – then boom : Hello Cellulite!

Enjoying my last cellulite-free summer in Barcelona last year.

Enjoying my last cellulite-free summer in Barcelona last year.

– my diet: eating sugary cereals with milk for breakfast, two mars bars and gummy bears as snack, for lunch having ramen noodle with yummy glutamate taste and for dinner going out and having chinese or thai food – this was my reality 5 years ago. But nowadays it’s just not possible anymore to keep this diet and maintain my weight/body. I keep seeing bloggers on snapchat filming their burgers and fries, loads of ice cream…good for them. But I’ll be honest and say that my body can’t take that anymore- my metabolism has become a slow loser out of breath in a race with these teenagers.

My last burger, 4 weeks ago.

My last burger, 4 weeks ago.

– i have no eating patterns: i have never been an excessive eater, portions at restaurants or at home (served by mum) were too big for me – finishing a plate is still a problem sometimes. As a daughter of immigrants I have of course learned that you MUST finish a plate – otherwise you are ungrateful or you don’t appreciate the work that was put into the cooking, etc. So I ate a lot until I was nearly in a food coma, and couldn’t move. Nowadays, not living with my parents for 4 years, I do not eat big meals, but small portion throughout the day.

– everything is jiggling: a few months ago, when I was not working out as much – running was (and still is) the horror for me. Not only because I can’t run 1 km without dying – it hurts to run – my legs jiggle too much, my tissue inside hurts from the ups and downs, leaving me with a very uncomfortable pain. I am giving running a try every now and then, and someday I maybe will enjoy it. Fun Fact: I used to be really good at sprints-in middle school.

Even though these changes are all not very pleasant and I know that it will get worse – I appreciate my healthy body. I am treating it with care and respect, not too much bad food, some exercise to challenge my body and make it stronger . I am not satisfied and sometimes frustrated but then I remind myself: This is the only body I have.

The more I take care of it, the better I will be prepared for the future.



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