My try on Tabata Week1

About 2 weeks ago, I received a request from Emma, founder of Affirmation Fitness to try one of her TABATA workouts from her e-books – i have heard of Tabata before, but never tried it.

This is the workout she gave me to try:



2o Seconds of exercise does not sound like much, I thought. Oh, how wrong I was.

It is so hard to get through the exercises, I did not manage the 8 rounds and I also have to learn to do “Tuck Jumps” –  there must be a technique out there, which may prevent me from looking like a fool 😉

I say that as a person who doesn’t like HIIT workouts at all – This workout motivated me to push my own limits.

I am going to do one tabata workout every week from now on.

What I am expecting of doing  TABATA once a week :

– to shed some body fat

– saving time, as it is very short but intense (i can do it on busy 10-hour working days)

– more energy and endurance

– building up more lean muscle mass in my arms and legs

– reduced cellulite


I keep you updated!



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