30 days of Yoga with Adriene Week 1



So, where am I on my Yoga Journey? Still very much at the beginning. I always did a little bit of Yoga here and there, to help me with muscle stiffness or to “get some moving done” But after a while I realized, Yoga is a thing that is so much more than just moving a bit. And the first time that I felt like I really, really want to be good at something physical.

So, to get back on the horse I was looking for a nice person on YouTube that I resonate with. Luckily I found the Channel Yoga with Adriene.  She has this Challenge for Beginners called “30 Days of Yoga with Adriene
Adriene is a really nice young woman I think. And she got humor. I appreciate that a lot. One time she made a  Wu-Tang Clan Joke while doing a Mudra. Appreciated even more!

Yoga should be something that you do for yourself. To take a little time out of the day to physically and mentally feel yourself. 

I like to do Yoga because it makes me feel grounded. With all the stress and To Do’s all day I feel like, I’m not even there. Just functioning like a little bright-eyed robot girl, that has no sense of the present moment. 

Cool thing is, if you want to feel energized there’s special Yoga, if you want to have good night’s rest, there is special Yoga but also Work Out Yoga to get a really nice tum. (I’m still working on that one)


Four years ago, I got diagnosed with Panic Disorder. (You can read about that here) And the doctors kept on saying that sport would help me. But I felt like it did the opposite. After every workout I felt even more stressed.
That is because some Work Outs make your body release more Cortisol. And when you are already stressed, this Hormone is in your body en mass. And even more of it, made me even more nervous. (Excess Cortisol can also increase belly fat. Damn. Stress makes you fat.)


So I was looking for a psyche-friendly way to move my body. And Yoga did really help me lots.

This time around I had a more physical approach. I felt like I had literally no strength in my arms. And I wanted to strengthen my core-muscels. (I somehow thought nothing could shake my core, if my physical core was strong, haha)


So back to the Challenge!
We start very soft. Which is perfect. We first ease into checking in with your body. See how you actually feel. Where are tense spots? Where the parts that are already stretchy? How far can I go? Without hurting myself.
Connecting your movement to your breath. Really listen to your body. Also to your emotional body.
Create space and openness are the most important things in the first week.

In the beginning I did feel that I haven’t done Yoga in a while. Even Child’s Pose was a little bit hurtful because my muscles and sinews were not used to that type of movement.
My first reaction was immediately, to go faster and bend more and force myself. But when you got someone to remind you to go easy stay in the moment and breath easy.

I did some of the workouts twice, when I felt I had a hard time holding a Pose. On Day 6 we do Yoga for the abs. Did do it 3 times.

Some of the Videos I tried to integrate into my daily life. Like the moving Meditation, or the Yoga for your Back one. Feels really good to get the crackling old back going.

After about 5 days I felt how my movements got really smooth and I got more bendable. Now I can touch the the ground with the insides of my hand again. Without bending my knees!  Which I am really proud of, don’t hate.

I also feel like my endurance for pain got way higher.
I can feel my body become stronger bit by bit without (too much) pain. Of course sore muscles are part of  the deal. But I have come to like that aswell.

So after one fucking week a lot has changed for me already. I can not wait to share week two.

With Love,





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  1. Eesh says:

    I just went over to your other blog and saw that you won’t be posting there anymore :( but I’m loving the idea of this new blog. I also love the layout and the photos.

    I just recently started Yoga (like one class) but I think that it is something that will help me in the long wrong especially because I have a lot of anger issues and I need to find a way to just calm down. So thanks for sharing this with us. I’ll practice during the week and on the days I won’t be able to attend the class.

    XO |EESH

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