Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphtech

I’ve always had – sort of “flabby”  calves  – they looked and felt different from their general size and volume – compared to others – and it’s been like this since my childhood.

This was something that did bother me – until I was trying on some – tight and tall boots for a hostess job (serving food for some rich people at an event).

Normally, I am wearing a european size 39 in shoes – not at this job! The 39-sized boots did NOT fit over my calves (there was a zip on the backside).

I tried on more sizes until I managed to squeeze my foot and calves into a size 43.

That was embarrassing and got me thinking  – why couldn’t I have normal calves?

I started running a bit (as mentioned in my first post.) – 2-3 km – my calves got bigger and bigger and I was becoming really unhappy.

So I stopped running  – the calves sized back to their original big state.

“Running sucks”- was my moral out of this story – even today I still dislike it immensely, cause I will always relate running with the calves-trauma.

In the gym, I went and did a body scan  – the outcome : too much body water ! (approx. 62%)

Now I am looking for possible solutions to reduce this high level of body water.

One of them is the Lymphatic Drainage with I tried today.

The lady massaged my lymph nodes with this light frequency therapy technique. It was really relaxing and i can still feel the effect – now 5 hours later.

I feel a little bit lighter, and I will do updates on my legs a couple days later.

See you then,



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