the original energy-drink


Not everybody likes sparky, delicious water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Probably because our taste buds are so used to sugar and artificial flavours that they simply can’t handle the sourness of a sun-kissed lemon.But the citrus-fruit is more than just a fundamental part of Tequila.

While I was at University, I did a lot of things my body wasn’t quite happy with. Fast Food, no sleep, lots of coffein and sugary drinks to make my body work, even tough I definetly needed a break.
But there is of course the point where your body goes “Fuck this!”, as I already said in my introduction.
Fatigue,  headache, kidney pain and bad skin are things that I had to struggle with.
Little did I know, that the solution was just around the courner, in my fridge, right next to the butter.
Lemons contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamn A and E, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and many more.
Most discomfort that stems from eating unhealthy and not drinking enough are gastro-involved. Meaning, stomachache, bladder infection, kidney-infection or even kidney stones.
After drinkin lemon-water every morning for 4 months, I can tell you guys, I do feel better.CKEVRKR1Y2
I usually just squeeze half a lemon in a glass of sparkling water. If your belly doesn’t like carbon acid in the mornings, that’s okay.  Personally the sparklyness and the sourness of the lemon gives me the fresh punch in the face that I need to get out of the house.
If you’re bad at hydration just put a jug of water with some slices of lemon and one or two mint leaves next to your computer. It will look and smell so delicious, that you can’t just go “well, I’m not thirsty right now”


So what I have learned!

  • My body fucking loves all the hydration as a whole
  • My kidneys are getting “washed through” and less toxins stay in my body
  • said toxins won’t clug up my pores anmore
  • Vitamin C is a immune-booster and antioxidant (we talked about this earlier) and prevents inflamations
  • Vitamin B6 turns up your metabolism, and helps the  central nervous system to build Serotonin, Histamin and Dopamin. Those are the things that make you happy and feel good.
  • Kalcium is important for muscles, heart and kidneys
  • Magnesium helps the sporty people build strength and pushes your capacity
  • No more bladder or uretar infections (girls, you know who I’m talking to)So, you can see how it helps me through the day. I hope it does the same for you in the future :)Yellow_lemonsPro tip: Mix it up with honey and ginger. In the cold season you can drink it warm. Like your granny always said, “Don’t leave the house without something warm in your belly” It helps you through to worst winter-mornings.

    With Love,


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