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I guess everybody knows that really beautiful pattern a sports-bra makes on your back after working out, or doing yoga in the sunshine. It comes creeping really slowly but by at least June when you put on bikini the modern-art piece reveals its self. But no need to run and buy selftanning lotion or blindly roast yourself in your garden. Because there are healthier and tastier ways to get a pretty tan.

Apricots, Carrots, Mangoes!  The magic word is beta-carotin!

All of those orange colored fruits carry beta-carotin in them. If you’re more into veggies you can rely on spinach and cabbage. Even if they are not orange. And of course in Salmon and egg-yellow.

carrotjuiceBeta-carotin is a precursor to Vitamin A, it is also an anti-oxidant. So, that means it helps your cells from drying out.

Two years ago I read an article about the advantages of beta-carotin if you suffer from sun allergy. That is a rash that appears on your skin, as soon as you are exposed to sun. It’s itchy and red but doesn’t do any harm apart from that.
I tried taking supplements in spring, so my skin would maybe be more insensitive to sun.
Basically if you are allergic to sun, your body thinks that the stuff your skin produces when you sit in the sun is bad for you.

In my case it did not do anything.  (Also some supplements are bad for your body if you are a heavy smoker. But I guess the heaver smoking is more evil 😉 I learned that the best version is, to slowly get your skin to be used to the sun. I know it is hard if you live in central Europe and you don’t have sun for most of the year.

Additional to that, I eat said veggies and fruits. They help you to build up twice the power of your bodys natural light protection. There is only some things that you have to keep in mind:

  • The carotin in raw carrots is harder for your body to ingest. It’s better if you eat them cooked, or grated.
  • Your body has an easier time working with the carotin if you mix it with a little bit of olive oil
  • If you eat to much of it without getting your dose of sunshine your skin is likely to get an orange or yellow tone. Specially on the inside of your hands. :)
  • Keep your veggies and fruit in a dark, cool place. Direct sun is destroying the carotin




I recommend a healthy orange smoothie. Or even a green one if you would like to mix it up with a little green. A table spoon of Olive-oil is enough and you won’t even taste it. Instead of water you can also use coconut-water, which is basically natures Gatorade. If you like it sweet, mix it up with a banana.




This way you will have a glowing, healthy skin, without doing harm to your skin!
Have fun with your summer skin!






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