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Why does somebody want to be „fit“? The main question is why not! And how do you define being fit? ( And whos definition are we currently believing in? )
You see and hear it on every corner, how healthy sport is and all the benefits, and the doctor keeps on saying we should do this and that or maybe just even go for a walk, once a week. And deep in your heart you know that it is true. And you know that you would feel better.

But why does everybody shudder and baulk when they think about moving their body and eating healthy?


I don’t want to be skinny. I’m okay with my weight.“, says somebodies brain.

„I don’t want to have broad shoulders and arms. I still want to fit in my clothes and be feminine.“, says another brain.

„Men who go into the gym are dumb and clebs.“, says a small brain in the back row.


I used to struggle with my body too. I felt like I needed to be skinny. And that my hips are too broad. My boobs are too big, my hair is too curly. Because all the girls I used to see in TV and Commercials and Magazines looked a certain way.

And after a while I got really reluctant to the thought of doing sports because it ment for me to be skinny and to conform. I’d rather be different than that. Be against the pressure that is put on girls, which is so intense that they stop eating or through up. And starve themselves to death.

Now, for me being fit means being healthy. However that may look for you. It should not matter if you are super skinny, or curvy or really muscly. Your body your rules. The most important thing is that you are happy and healthy and feel good the way you are or want to be.


Now I’m 24 years old and study art in Linz, my steelcity.  You can find my non-fitness artsy stuff on freuleinbird.at (but thats always under construction)

Maybe you heard about art students.  They drink lots of coffe and smoke cigarettes. And when they’re done with coffee they drink red wine. And don’t sleep too much. But enjoy the lifestyle. Because ever now and then they ride a fixie-bike or to a piece of performance art. That should be enough moving around.
Back to party!

But you never value that your body is strong enough to deal with all that and reagular life until it just stops.
And then other things start. Coughing, Pain, Fatigue, Migrane, Stress,…

And it was then, that I realized, a body is not a car, that you can bring to a mechanic, put some new parts in it or buy a new one if the old one is broken.

A body is like a ship, that you have to take care of at any point. It has to carry you through high seas where the city and modern living reach their tentacles for you.
And if the ship sinks, you go down with it.

That realization does not mean that I don’t do self-destructive things anymore. Or that I stopped going to parties and enjoy onion rings and burgers.

When my friend Monika talked about starting a Fitnessblog, I saw my opportunity to talk about my struggle with lifestyle changes, to keep track of what I learn, share my thoughts about body-positivity and becoming the best version of myself and reaching out.

And what better way to do all of this, than with a friend.

I hope you look forward to sail with me.
Raphaela ♥



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